online therapeutic meetings
* Not the medical services, replacing psychiatric care and сlinical psychotherapy/ If necessary, we will redirect you to the appropriate specialists.
Who is hosting the appointment?
Yuriy Kuznetsov
44 years NLP master, NLP trainer, Hypnotist.
More than 10 years of consulting experience.
What techniques are used in the work?
  • Neuro-linguistic programming
  • Ericksonian therapy
  • Classical hypnosys
  • Provocative therapy
  • The first 15 minutes of the consultation are free, because we need to understand whether we are suitable for each other and whether your task is within the competence of a psychologist.
  • 33USD/hour for a online meeting with a Psychologist (hourly billing)
  • Additional conditions are discussed individually
  • Difficult and crisis situations, when prompt assistance is really required, are discussed individually
  • The method of working with your problem is left to the discretion of the specialist.
To get the maximum effect from the meeting, you should make an appointment in advance (by writing in a personal message) and briefly outline your problem - in this case, the achievement of the desired result will most likely happen in one meeting.
Reviews for the work of a specialist (in Russian) can be viewed at::
We are focused on your result and your recommendations to us as specialists, so if a problem is beyond our competence (and sometimes we still need magic pills and kind doctors), we will redirect you to more competent comrades and specialists.

Our competence as specialists is confirmed by appropriate certificates, peer recommendations and customer reviews.
Success is guaranteed by the fact that:
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